TIEX provides financial & tax advisory services oriented to the following segments:


BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank) and other financing
Feasibility study, design, structuring and follow-up of the business plan to raise funds from BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank), other development banks and other institutions.

Corporate Restructuring
Support to the coordination of the corporate structuring process, from assisting with the definition of the appropriate corporate model to the preparation and development of net asset valuation reports, due diligences and detailed scripts of all stages for project implementation.

Renegotiation and reduction of debt charges
Support to the debt rescheduling process in order to reduce debt charges, increasing the investment capacity of our clients.

Financial planning
Support to the preparation and control of auxiliary reports for financial management, support to the preparation and development of budgets and control tools, and cash flow management and control.


Financial Management
Financial process outsourcing, including treasury, trade payables and trade receivables routines, credit analysis and collection.Support to daily activity monitoring, through the offer of financial solutions, so as to contribute to the client’s strategic management.

Tax Management
Tax management outsourcing, including direct and indirect tax computation, preparation, review and delivery of the most varied tax statements, including income tax returns for individuals and legal entities.

Accounting Management and Controlling
Accounting department outsourcing, involving the analysis and classification of accounting entries in accordance with Brazilian and international standards.Preparation of financial statements, basically including balance sheet, statement of profit of loss, statement of changes in equity, statement of comprehensive income, statement of value added and explanatory information.
Preparation of managerial and performance analyses, such as EBITDA, sales volume, profitability, forecast, budget, among others.

Personnel and HR Management
Outsourcing of processes relating to payroll calculation, preparation of accessory obligations, payroll tax and charge computation.Management and implementation of benefit policies, job and salary analysis, assistance with possible collective bargaining processes, among others.


Audit of financial statements (BR GAAP, US GAAP and IFRS), through the application of technical procedures in conformity with international standards on auditing.
Support to companies to comply with financial statement disclosure requirements.

Agreed-upon Procedures
Special work on the review of financial statements.
Process audit.


Tax reviews (compliance)
Review of tax computation and payment procedures, coupled with the review of completion of the respective tax returns and other accessory obligations, in order to verify compliance with governing law.

Tax planning
Study and analysis of the tax framework appropriate to each business segment, in order to maximize tax efficiency coupled with lower risk.

Tax refund
Retrospective and prospective analysis of tax computation criteria and methods, aiming at the refund of amounts overpaid or incorrectly paid with respect to the optimization of the tax burden, in conformity with the law.

Tax consulting
Interpretation and issuance of opinion on various tax matters, preparation of opinions to support the decision-making process involving matters of tax nature, and test control.


Due Diligence
Support to buyers and sellers in business valuation processes, through the application of accounting and financial analysis procedures.
The complex tax, labor and social security laws in Brazil requires special attention from potential investors since they can pose risks that directly impact the company’s performance.Tiex offers anexperienced team that will assist with the relevant analysis.

Process mapping
Mappingand diagnosis on the internal process environment.Support to the design and documentation of policies and procedures.